Main Features: ●Triangle towel: - 96 x 96 x 136cm; 1 block - Used to wrap and fix the wounds of various parts of the body, can be used as a sling to support the injured arm or shoulder ●Safety pin: - 3cm; 10 pieces - To fix during the bandaging process ●PBT elastic bandage: - 6 x 400cm; 1 volume - For the bandage fixation of joints ●Scissors: - 9cm length; 1 piece - Used to cut the dressing or the covering of the clothing on the wound ● Disinfecting the gauze piece: - 2 packs - Used to bandage and hemostasis at the wound ● Latex tourniquet: - 2.5 x 46cm; 1 piece - Used to hemorrhage and hemostasis wounds, arterial hemostasis and snake bites, which temporarily inhibit blood flow ●Non-woven tape: - 1.25 x 500cm; 1 volume - Used to bandage, stick and fix the joints ●Alcohol tablet: - 5 x cm; 10 pieces - For the cleaning and disinfection of wounds ●Band-aid: - 7.2 x 1.9cm; 10 pieces - For hemostasis protection ● Iodophor tablet: - 5 x 5cm; 4 tablets - For the treatment of wound sites and mucosal damage ●Tweezers: - 12.5cm length; 1 piece - Used to peel or pinch the obstructions such as foreign particles stuck to the wound ● Medical cotton swabs: - 25 pieces - For wiping wounds to prevent infection ● First aid bag: - 20 x 14cm; 1 piece

Trousse premier soins 13 Pieces Pour 1,78€

By florian, décembre 4, 2018

D’habitude je ne publie que de high tech mais vu que pour moi cuisine rime avec #Blessure, je propose une trousse Médical .

Code a utiliser :  ZCmy1ZJ0

Gearbest Trousse premier soins 13 Pieces Pour 1,78€
Trousse premier soins 13 Pieces Pour 1,78€

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